J-Hope’s stage costume created an optical illusion at MAMA 2018.jpg

BTS J-Hope confused netizens with his stage outfit.

On December 12th, BTS appeared at the 2018 MAMA (Mnet Asia Music Awards) held at Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

There’s a person who had confused his fans. That person is J-Hope from BTS.

On that day, he walked out wearing a black shirt and pants with honeybee-shaped details. The outfit gave off a chic vibe but also lively charm.

But as he entered the concert hall, his clothes mixed with the lightsticks in the audience to create a kind of invisible cloak.

Fans who saw it were caught by suprise. “I really thought J-Hope wasn’t there” and “I thought his head was just floating in mid-air.”

Some funny fans have synthesized his clothes with the background behind him. This made people laugh because it wasn’t much different from the original photo.

Source: Dispatch

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