IZ*ONE – the ‘rising force’ threatens TWICE’s title of album queen?

Looking at the sales volume of IZ*ONE, it is rare to believe that this is a girl group that debuted less than half a year ago.

IZ*ONE - the 'rising force' threatens TWICE's title of album queen?

Yesterday (April 1), IZ*ONE – the girl group of “Produce 48” made a comeback with the 2nd mini album called “Heart * IZ”. The girls had a good start when debuting with their debut album “Color * IZ” last October. This is the stepstone for the group to return to the KPOP competition in the most favorable way.

With this new album, IZONE offers a more mature and feminine image than during “La Vie En Rose”. The title song “Violeta” is receiving support from KPOP fans. Up to the present time, this song is standing # 15 on the chart of iChart. However, digital music is not the biggest strength of IZONE.

Before its release, the album “Heart * IZ” has reached 200,000 pre-orders, a huge number for a rookie girl group. Next, on the first day of the sale, the group’s second mini-album recorded a sales of 45,291 copies. With the impressive selling ability, IZ*ONE officially became a girl group with the best-selling album on Hanteo on the first day. Previously, the album “Color * IZ” consumed 34,295 copies in the same period. With a huge achievement in just a short day, IZ*ONE will probably be the suitable opponent of TWICE in the physical chart.

Not only exploding in Korea, but IZ*ONE also has a great debut in Japan. The debut Japanese album “Suki to Iwasetai” broke the record for KPOP girl group with the most sold Japanese single in the first day, and topped the J-pop music chart right after its release. The product also won platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of Japan with 250,000 copies.

At the comeback showcase, IZ*ONE announced that the group will hold a concert in June. Thus, fans are about to witness a real battle between two Japanese-Korean girl groups, both of which are penetrating two of the most growing markets.

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