IZ*ONE sprinkled rose petals on each other to look outstanding

IZ*ONE’s warm-hearted teamwork video has become a hot topic.

On November 5, Mnet’s Youtube channel, M2, released IZ*ONE‘s debut song called “La Vie en Rose”.

Relay Dance is the group’s members standing in a line and dancing. Not only did they get one shot from the camera, but they could also give off their charm from a place other than their part.

The members started relaying to the song. At this time, members who were not in their turn began to pick up rose petals and scatter them on the floor one or two times each.

Was it to sprinkle on their own parts? No, it was for the members in front of them.

As if they had all made promises, IZ*ONE started sprinkling rose petals to make the members in front of them look outstanding. Thanks to this, they all created elegant scenes. Let’s watch the video together.

Source: Dispatch

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