IZONE members were sad and tired due to the pressure of disbandment

The IZONE members look tired and sad after being asked to disband by netizens.

The fraud in the series Produce 101 is the focus of attention after the Korean media announced the trainees were victims of this incident.  Up to now, IZONE is the only active group that makes Korean netizens angry.  They requested that IZONE disband immediately and compensate Lee Ga Eun and Han Cho Won.

 On November 18, IZONE members participated in the recording and were taken photos by fans.  However, due to public pressure and recent controversy, the members’ mood was not good.  All the girls looked tired and unhappy.  Fans worry that malicious comments may affect the members’ psychology. 

Jang Won Young looked exhausted and sad when going to work.
Choi Yena did not seem happy. Yena is one of the members suspected of cheating.

Sakura was also in a bad mood. Netizens believe that she deserves the Center’s position.
Kim Chae Won appeared with beautiful blue hair, but she was not very happy at work.
Chae Won was also suspected of cheating because she ranked low on the weekly chart but unexpectedly entered the top 12 in the finale.
Jo Yuri was quiet during the filming.
Eun Bi still showed a strong, smiling face amid scandal.

Korean netizens commented before IZONE’s series of photos: “The members’ moods are clearly visible on their faces, they seem pressured and tired,” “Now someone else likes them? “,” They just look sleepy”, ”Do they want sympathy? Everyone gets tired “,” Mnet’s fault is trying to keep the group active, IZONE should disband right now. ”  ..

Despite the controversy, Mnet insisted on letting IZONE continue to promote, still attending the upcoming MAMA awards ceremony and preparing for their comeback in December. It’s like adding insult to injury, making the public angry at IZONE.

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