IZ*ONE’s J-line returned to Japan after the group’s disbandment

The three IZ*ONE Japanese members are about to board a flight on April 29 at 11 AM KST via Incheon International Airport, bound for Japan.

On the morning of April 29, Honda Hitomi, Miyakawi Sakura, and Yabuki Nako were present at Incheon International Airport.  The three female idols returned to Japan after IZ*ONE disbands.

The three members stayed for a few minutes to wave to the media and fans.

Hitomi could not hold back tears when he saw the fans.  She burst into tears at the airport.

Hitomi will likely return to activities in Japan, promoting in the group NMB48.

Hitomi hugs a fan at the airport.

Nako also shed tears.  She is also likely to be active in Japan instead of going back to Korea.

Sakura showed a calm expression

Last month, it was announced that Sakura would join Big Hit’s new girl group, but the company stated that nothing has been decided yet.

A lot of reporters and fans surrounded the 3 IZ*ONE members.

Source: ione

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