IZ*ONE fans are in conflict again,WonYoung’s fan tore off the photo and offended Sakura on SNS

A fan of WonYoung has been acting offensive to Sakura on social networking sites, so fans are extremely upset.

Recently, IZ*ONE‘s fans have shown anger to the action of a WonYoung’s fan aiming at Sakura on social networks. Accordingly, this person tearfully shattered Sakura‘s image and revealed that she was lucky to win WonYoung‘s card when she bought IZ*ONE‘s album. This is not the first time that this account owner has been offensive to Sakura, on the personal page, this fan has frequently posted offensive messages to IZ*ONE.

WonYoung’s fan shred Sakura’s picture.

As a group that came out of the Produce48 program, it was not too hard to understand why IZ*ONE had a lot of fans only and there are many battles in the fandom due to the relationship betwwn WonYoung and Sakura. The reason is not only due to different nationality but the two girls’ beauty is also compared many times. Not only that, many fans of WonYoung expressed unhappiness because the agency of IZ *ONE seemd to favor Sakura even though WonYoung is the center of the group.

The scramble for visuals is no stranger to the groups coming out of the reality show but the fray of IZ*ONE fandom has a negative side that makes people look worse in the fan culture.

WonYoung and Sakura are the two beauty representatives of IZ * ONE.
 La Vie en Rose MV – IZ*ONE.

Source: Saostar

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