IVE won Promising Female Idol of the Year, proves intense influence as a 4th gen girl group

Girl group IVE won “Promising Female Idol” at the 2022 Brand of The Year Awards

On August 29th, results for the 2022 Brand of the Year Awards were revealed, and 4th gen girl group IVE was announced as the winner of “Promising Female Idol”. Via this award, IVE draws attention as they establishing themselves as a representative girl group of Kpop 4th generation

IVE, who debuted in December of last year, became a mega rookie and representative 4th gen group with the amazing results with their debut single “ELEVEN” and their second single “LOVE DIVE”.


On August 22nd, the girl group released their 3rd single “After LIKE”, continuing their career high with high charts ranking and great achievements, especially after scoring 3 consecutive megahits, from “ELEVEN”, “LOVE DIVE”, to “After LIKE”. 

Meanwhile, Brand of the Year Awards is an event that selects and awards the best brands that shined in the year through a public consumer vote every year. More than 460,000 consumers participated in the voting for the 2022 awards ceremony, adding a special meaning to IVE’s award.


Ive, who has gone beyond a “super rookie” to become a sensation with their colorful charms and clear and distinct music color, will continue their promotional activities with the new song “After LIKE”.

At the same awards ceremony, BLACKPINK Jennie was listed as the winner for “Female Advertising Model”.

Source: daum

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