IVE time warped back to entertainment shows in the past

IVE showed their hip variety show ability in entertainment programs 20 years ago.

On June 5th, IVE released “1,2,3 IVE 3” EP.6 through their official YouTube channel. In the video, IVE went time travel to the past to find out their roots. IVE time warped back 21 years to 2002, when Gaeul was born. The costumes were changed, and IVE shouted “J / M / P / T (Joyful Monday Passionate Tonight)” to mark the start of “Dongo Dongrak”, a popular entertainment show at the time of 2002.

IVE, who raised tension with the fundamental dance time of “Dongo Dongrak”, began the game in earnest. MC Gaeul made a big mistake during “Iron bag quiz” and had to give Liz the MC position, causing laughter. Liz showed tension as if she was born for “Dongo Dongrak”. An Yujin then showed the aspect of “crazy girl with bright eyes” by doing the simulation.


In the “Cushion quiz”, questions about the members were presented, and a heated competition unfolded. In this process, An Yujin, who said “I wear bathroom shoes when I take a shower“, had a sense of distance from the members, while Liz, who said she knows Rei’s favorite subway menu, shouted wrong answers and greeted another “breakup”. Jang Wonyoung expressed regret over the members shouting wrong answers about her favorite food and added, “If God allows it, I want to accept them as correct answers.”


The third game was “Half-asleep quiz”. The cute children’s song prepared only for “1,2,3 IVE” caused embarrassment and smiles. Listening to the song that seemed to contain all the episodes of “1,2,3 IVE”, IVE members fell asleep for a while, got up after a short sleep then sang the song in earnest. IVE put together the pieces of the song through hints, and An Yujin earned 10 points by answering the “Half-asleep quiz” correctly and became the winner with a total of 12 points.


After finishing “Dongo Dongrak”, IVE turned over the hourglass again and succeeded in time warping from 2002 to 2007, when Leeseo was born. The entertainment show that IVE would play in 2007 is “IVE Entertainment”, a parody of “Family Entertainment”. The production team made an unconventional promise, “If anyone gets one problem right, it will be the end of shooting.” Accordingly, IVE succeeded in leaving work early by succeeding in the first game “Say it consecutively” on the first try.

Still, it was not over. Turning over the hourglass, IVE members, who came to 2004 this time, were wearing school uniforms, raising curiosity about what kind of entertainment show they would be in.

“1,2,3 IVE” season 3 is released every Monday at 11 PM.

Source: Daum

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