IVE Jang Won-young on ‘Cultwo Show’: “I’m close to my father as I’m a daughter who does aegyo a lot”

Girl group IVE appeared on Cultwo Show and honestly revealed their stories.

IVE Cultwo Show

On the broadcast of Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” aired on December 25th, IVE (Ahn Yu-jin, Rei, Jang Won-young, Liz, and Lee Seo) was invited to join a special corner.

On this day, a listener introducing himself as a father of a daughter sent a text message and asked, “How are IVE members like when being daughters of their dads?”. In response, Jang Won-young replied, “I do a lot of cute actions (aegyo) in front of my dad. That’s why I’m really close to him.”

DJ Kim Tae-kyun said, “I have a son. But If I have a daughter, I don’t think I could go out to work like this. How can I go to work, leaving a daughter like that at home?”, expressing himself as a father who can be a fool for his daughter. Jang Won-young smiled and said, “I miss my dad so much”. She continued by giving a voice letter that was full of cuteness to her dad like a close friend, saying,  “I don’t know if you are watching this or not, but see you later”.

IVE 'Cultwo Show'

Ahn Yu-jin added, “In fact, I don’t act cute at home. I’m normally not the type of person who often does aegyo, but I think I tend to act cute less when I’m at home.”

When said to do aegyo a lot, Rei surprisingly reacted, “Ah, really?”, showing her cute expression in daily life, drawing admiration from the members as they said, “She’s so cute”.

Appearing on the show in the middle of the Christmas holiday, IVE delivered a message, saying, “We were really happy to come back on Cultwo Show as a whole group today. We will return here when there is a chance.”

IVE 'Cultwo Show'


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