IU’s unique beagle-like charm during her Singapore travel.jpg

Singer IU has unveiled photos from her fresh dazzling trip. Her cute behavior caught everyone’s eyes.

IU posted pictures of her trip to Singapore on her Instagram on the 21st. The photos show IU doing various poses.

Many are impressed with her casual clothes. IU wore a training suit and pants with a loose form. Seemed like she was enjoying her trip to the fullest.

Her beauty shone even through a daily look. She showed off her freshness with light makeup.

Especially, the picture taken at a famous tourist resort in Singapore is getting the most attention. She posed as if she were about to eat the Marina Bay Sands Hotel which made everyone laughs.

Fans who saw it said, “It’s so cute,” “This is like a real trip we would see of normal people”, and “Her beauty is shining no matter where she is”.

Source: Dispatch

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