IU’s song writer “hearts” Jungkook’s cover, will the collaboration between BTS and IU ever happen?

On the 20th, BTS’s main vocal Jungkook uploaded a cover video of IU’s song “Ending Scene“on Twitter.

Along with the 1m47s video, Jungkook wrote, “At the end of the day, I got confused and the notes went out. #Understanding #Ending Scene.” In the video released, Jungkook is singing IU’s Ending Scene‘ in a place that looks like a studio.

Jungkook captivated not only fans of BTS but also fans of IU, Uaena, with his excellent vocal skills and a sweet voice that captivates women.

Sam Kim, the composer of “Ending Scene” also sent hearts while citing Jungkook’s tweets, and Kim Leena, the lyricist of “Good Day,” also expressed her good feelings on Instagram.

Jungkook is well-known for being a fan of IU since his debut. He often mentions how good IU’s music and voice are, and when asked about the collab opportunities he always talks about IU. He also has covered IU’s songs such as ‘Good Day‘ and ‘Knee.’

Jungkook’s vocal talent and sensibility, which was not fully expressed in BTS‘ music, can be achieved through OST or collaboration with IU and other singers,… Will the collaboration between them ever happen?

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