IU’s recent video draws intense admiration, “She was truly the queen”

Singer and actress IU released a live clip from her concert last year, drawing admiration from the public.

On May 16th, a video titled “[IU] ‘My sea’ Live Clip (2022 IU Concert ‘The Golden Hour : Under The Orange Sun’)” was posted on IU’s official YouTube, “이지금 [IU Official]”.


The video features IU wearing a tiara and singing the song “My Sea” at her solo concert, which was held on September 18th of 2022. The song is the 8th track on IU’s 5th regular album “LILAC”, which was released on March 25, 2021, with lyrics connected to the next track, “Ah Puh”. 

Regarding this, IU confirmed at her concert that the arrangement of these tracks was intentional.


As the live video of “My Sea”, which fully captures IU’s twenties, was released, fans both domestically and internationally could not hold back their admiration. In particular, they left comments such as, “She was truly the queen”, “Truly, it was a concert I’ll never forget in my lifetime!”, “I can’t believe we’re receiving the best birthday gift!”, and “I can’t believe you really uploaded this live performance!”

It is known that May 16th, the day when the live video was released, is also IU’s birthday, adding to the significance.

Meanwhile, on her birthday, IU also drew attention by donating a large sum of 250 million won under the combined name of herself and her fans, “IUaena” (a combination of IU and “Uaena”).

Source: Nate

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