IU said she doesn’t think idols are no lower level than artists in new documentary

Singer IU criticized some opinions that disparage idols.

EDAM Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as EDAM) released a teaser video of the documentary “Pieces: 29th Winter” on its official YouTube on January 28th.

IU mentioned her opinion about idols in the video. “Personally, I don’t think idols and musicians are different, or idols and artists are different,” she said. “I don’t think idols are lighter titles than artists or musicians, so I wouldn’t agree with the opinion that one is higher and one is lower. Being idols is a good thing,” she stressed.

Pieces 29th Winter

The documentary “Pieces: 29th Winter” is scheduled to be officially released on March 16. Pre-orders, which began on January 13th, will end on the 3rd of next month.

Pieces 29th Winter
Pieces 29th Winter


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