IU made fans laugh for making the same mistake she made 8 years ago

Singer IU’s mistake at an awards ceremony attracted netizens’ attention.

On January 11th, on the Facebook page “IU is not a kid,” an post titled “IU at awards ceremonies: 8 years ago vs now” was posted. The post showed IU attending the 2014 Yeosu Music Festival and IU attending the 36th Golden Disc Awards held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Guro-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of January 8th.

At “Yeosu Music Festival,”  when the hosts, god’s Danny Ahn and Han Young, said, “Please prepare for the next stage from behind,” IU took a step back and stood behind the hosts.

IU Yeosu Music Festival
JTBC’s “Golden Disc Awards”

When Danny Ahn and Han Young panicked and told her, “Please go behind the stage,” IU finally figured out the situation and moved backstage quickly. This mistake is still being talked about as a “legendary backstage event” among IU fans.

IU Yeosu Music Festival

At the recent  “Golden Disc Awards” held on January 8th, IU also made a similar mistake by also hanging around for a long time behind Sung Si-kyung, Lee Da-hee, and Lee Seung-gi, who were the MCs at the event.

IU Yeosu Music Festival

Fans who saw this left comments saying, “IU forgot where to go again,” “This is why IU needs a bodyguard,” “She doesn’t change despite having won so many awards,” and “she made the same mistake.”

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