IU has officially made her comeback with “LILAC” and the 5th full-album of her career

On March 25, IU officially made her comeback with her 5th full album and an MV for the title track, both named “LILAC”.  

The female singer explained that the concept of this album is associated with the word “Insa” (인사), a Korean word that both means hello and goodbye.

In the sense of the flower, “LILAC” is “memories of youth”.  Through the album, IU wants to say goodbye to the 20s and express her gratitude to those who have been with her during her youth and welcome the age of 30, a new chapter in her life.

In the 5th full album, IU wrote the lyrics for the songs including the title track “LILAC” and “Coin”.  The female singer has participated in composing for “Coin” as well as “Celebrity.” In addition, Dean contributed to the song “Round”, the credit shows that the male singer participated in composing lyrics for this song.  The producers of IU’s 5th full album also includes Lee Chan Hyuk, Woogie, Penomeco, Naul…

Source: YouTube

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