ITZY Yeji had her bangs down for the first time after 7 years

Yeji, a member of girl group ITZY, styled her bangs for the first time since middle school.

On the 9th, the YouTube channel ‘STUDIO CHOOM’ featured Yeji and Ryujin as the second main characters of MIX&MAX.

itzy yeji - ryujin

Yeji and Ryujin are set to give a skeptical performance in ‘Mix and Max’ and ‘Break My Heart Myself’ by Bebe Rexha. They came up with a twin concept inspired by the movie ‘Terminal’ and decorated the stage with twin poses and choreography of the twins.

This video contains an in-depth interview between Yeji and Ryujin about dancing.

In the teaser and MV in the middle of the video, Yeji had attention-grabbing bangs. Her charismatic expression and chic look have doubled Yeji’s charms.

itzy yeji - ryujin

Yeji surprised everyone by saying, “I haven’t had my bangs down since middle school.”

itzy yeji - ryujin

Turning 23 this year, Yeji debuted in 2019 at the age of 20. The female idol gives off a totally different vibe with her bangs in this ‘Mix & Max’ performance video since she has never left her bangs down since after middle school.

itzy yeji - ryujin

Yeji and Ryujin’s upcoming are raising high expectations when the staff working with them said in the spotlight video, “Make-up, outfit and everything, we prepared with efforts. People who are watching would definitely say they are twins”.

itzy yeji - ryujin

On the other hand, ‘Mix & Max’ is a new content of ‘Studio Choom’ that gives viewers excellent dance performances of dance-specialized idols collaborating and in-depth interviews about their choreography. Yeji and Ryujin’s ‘Mix & Max’ performance video will be released today.

itzy yeji

Source: insight

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