ITZY successfully finished their first promotion which can be compared to TWICE and BLACK PINK

ITZY just had their goodbye stage today for their first ever promotion.

On March 10th, “Rooftop” of N.Flying, “Senorita” of (G)I-DLE and “DALLA DALLA” of ITZY are the three contestants running for this week’s #1 cup on Inkigayo. Thanks to their high score on many category, the rookie girlgroup of JYP has brought home the 8th cup for “DALLA DALLA”, a perfect end for their first album promotion.

ITZY has their 8th win thanks to “DALLA DALLA” on Inkigayo (March 10th)

ITZY also received their first Triple Crown (which is when a song wins 3 times on a weekly music show) during their first promotion. This achievement can be compared to TWICE (“What is Love?, “Dance The Night Away”) and BLACKPINK (“DDU-DU DDU-DU”) also on Inkigayo last year.

Apart from that, ITZY is the 2nd artist in 2019 to receive a Triple Crown after SEVENTEEN. These impressive achivement of JYP’s new girlgroup shocked netizens because many couldn’t imagine a 1-month-old group can be so impressive.
“Senorita” – (G)I-DLE [“Inkigayo” March 10th]
“DALLA DALLA” – ITZY [“Inkigayo” March 10th]

Sources: k14