ITZY Ryujin shares her memories of working with BTS members

Ryujin (ITZY) must have had a great time when she had the opportunity to collaborate with the global boy group BTS even though at that time she hadn’t debuted yet.

During a recent fanmeeting, ITZY Ryujin was asked about the memories of working with BTS members. Immediately, Ryujin expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and expressed her fondness for the experience!

She recalled the special experience when J-Hope, Jimin, and Ryujin showcased their acting and dancing skills. Indeed, the ITZY member worked well with the senior idols even though she was just a trainee at the time and didn’t have much experience.

Meanwhile, Ryujin has drawn the attention of netizens since she hadn’t debuted yet. At that time, the ITZY member appeared in the BTS Love Yourself Highlight Reel released in 2017 alongside J-Hope and Jimin. Immediately, she received many compliments for her skills, impressive visual, and sweet chemistry with the two members of the global group – BTS. 

Two years later (2019), Ryujin debuted as an ITZY member and immediately received many good achievements with the first song Dalla Dalla. Currently, ITZY is now one of the leading top 4th generation girl groups. Meanwhile, Ryujin is also one of the most prominent members of the group.

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Source: KB

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