ITZY is suspected of ‘robbing’ Bonsang GDA, causing Changmo to write an implicit message, ‘dissing’ JYP?

 Controversy sparked after ITZY won Bonsang at the 35th Golden Disc Awards.

 The 35th Golden Disc Awards (GDA 2021) took place on January 9 and January 10.  Yesterday (January 9) was the award for the categories related to digital music, while today (January 10) was the awards section for the categories related to physical albums.

 In general, this year’s awards given at GDA 2021 are considered worthy, with the exception of only one award that has been highly controversial among Korean netizens and international Kpop fans since yesterday.  That is the Best Digital Song – Bonsang award for ITZY with the song ‘WANNABE’.

 Many netizens believe that out of 10 artists awarded Bonsang Digital of GDA, ITZY is the only artist not worthy.  Instead, this Bonsang should have gone to male rapper Changmo with the hit song ‘Meteor’.  Specifically, the Bonsang Digital award is awarded based on the criteria of 60% of the song’s achievements (accumulation of downloads and streams) and 40% of the judges’ points.

 Below is a chart of the estimated digital performance of songs likely to reach Bonsang according to the Korean community site DCInside.  Accordingly, as a result, 1st place (Daesang) belongs to IU’s ‘Blueming’. The remaining Bonsang awards are also considered reasonable.

 However, the most confusing case is Changmo’s ‘Meteor’, which got 55.20 digital achievement points, but didn’t get a Bonsang.  Meanwhile, ITZY’s ‘WANNABE’ was ranked 20th with only 19.57 digital achievement points.

 DCInside emphasized: ‘According to calculations, Changmo could only lose Bonsang if he got 0 points from GDA judges.  However, if so, ITZY will need at least 35.64 points from the GDA judges to win the Bonsang award. ‘

 DC Inside continued to analyze: ‘It is almost absurd that ITZY received 35.64 points from the GDA judges.  Accordingly, the media has reported many articles that BTS is the artist who received the highest score from the GDA council for this Bonsang category, and BTS’s score is only 34.74 points. That means ITZY couldn’t get such a high score to defeat Changmo. ‘

 Therefore, all evidence shows that there is no reason for Changmo to not receive a Bonsang with ‘Meteor’ even though ITZY’s ‘WANNABE’ has a much lower score.  From these issues, a huge controversy sparked across Korean online forums over the fact that Changmo was ‘robbed’ by ITZY, and questioned whether JYP Entertainment cheated to help their female group get a Bonsang?

 It seems that Changmo has also been aware of these controversies. The male rapper then updated his Instagram story with a hidden message: ‘I come from a small town and have no back up or money but can still write history !!  Became the best artist in Korea. ‘

 This message from the male rapper is said to be an indirect ‘diss’ to another artist receiving an award because of support from their background. The story was posted at the time of ITZY’s Bonsang controversy, so netizens believe that Changmo is ‘referring’ to JYP.

 Some comments of Knet:

 – Oh, is this Korean Grammy?

 – Looking at the points, it is true that without cheating, ITZY could not win Bonsang against Changmo!

 – What? ‘Meteor’ didn’t get a Bonsang? !!

 – JYP has too much power ?!

 – Why not give the awrad to ‘Meteor’?

 – The judges are fans of ITZY or did they receive money from JYP?

 – Why can’t these awards be fair for once?

 – Ironically, ‘WANNABE’ won and ‘Meteor’ didn’t!

 – I guess they ignored him because he isn’t from a big company and has a small fandom.

 – Changmo even deserves to be nominated for a Daesang!

 – GDA didn’t give it to Changmo because he doesn’t have a strong fandom like K-pop idols and has no one to back him up.

 – As expected, if you don’t have a lot of money, you won’t be acknowledged. Changmo fighting !!

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