ITZY has set a new record on MelOn

A netizen comment: “ITZY’s Melon ranking today that made us realize maybe Park Jin Young was right after all”

On April 30, ITZY officially made a comeback with the mini-album ‘Guess Who?’ and the MV for the title song Mafia In The Morning.  As usual, the girls (again) get entangled in controversy about the song that J.Y.Park composed, and are praised for their beauty, charisma, and impressive vocals.

Recently, Mafia In The Morning has recorded a positive performance on the MelOn chart.  Specifically, this latest song climbed to No. 15 on the 24-Hit MelOn chart.  This is the best achievement of the song since its debut, despite having to compete with a series of “digital monsters” such as Brave Girls, IU, BTS …

To put it easier to understand, in terms of Mafia In The Morning’s achievements, when compared to Not Shy – the old hit of ITZY, this song only ranks 16th highest on the 24-Hit MelOn chart.  However, Not Shy has also been controversial because it is too bad but compared to Mafia In The Morning, the wave of disparaging is somewhat milder. Both songs were composed by JYP’s president – J.Y.Park.

Recently, on Theqoo, a netizen has commented on ITZY’s achievements: “ITZY’s Melon ranking today that made us realize maybe Park Jin Young was right after all”. However, other netizens said that the song achieved good results due to ITZY’s talent, not JYP’s founder’s composing ability.

Netizens comment on Theqoo:

As can be seen, most of Knets praised the ITZY girls for saving the song.  It is undeniable that ITZY’s performance skills are extremely excellent, causing many seniors to be surprised. And most netizens still criticize J.Y.Park’s composing ability. Some even hope he never wrote another song for JYP’s artists.

Source: theqoo

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