ITZY confirmed their comeback, how will this affect TWICE’s comebacks this year?

The hottest rookies of 2019 from JYP – ITZY has just announced their comeback date.

On May 13th, a Korean media source reported that JYP’s rookie girl group – ITZY – is preparing for their comeback which is planned to be in the early half of July. On the same day, their agency also confirmed and exaggerated that the exact comeback date still need to be discussed more thorough.

Looking at ITZY’s debut, netizens are sure that the group will get the “Rookie of the Year” due to their extraordinary achievements such as 9 cups on weekly music stages for “DALLA DALLA”, the fastest debut MV to reach 100 million views in

ITZY is planned to comeback in the early half of July.

Having a new addition to its artists, other idols of JYP will surely be affected. Netizens are predicting that, intead of 4 comebacks a year in Korea like in 2017 and 2018, JYP will let TWICE come back less with only 2-3 times a year.

TWICE is predicted to less comebacks than the 2 past years.

On the same day, MNH Entertainment of Chungha just confirmed her comeback in June after the single “Gotta Go” released in January. With the success of her previous promotion with 7 cups on music shows, this comeback of Chungha is highly expected to be even more outstanding.

Chungha to return to the K-Pop race in June.

Apart from the artists above, Kyuhyun also announced his solo comeback with a new single album which is expected to be released on May 20th. The youngest of Super Junior will release a pre-release track called “Time With You”. He recently came back on May 20th after 2 years of military service.

Kyuhyun will return with a single album on May 20th.

Source: kenh14

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