It’s been 13 years from the day Kang Ji-young, a former Kara member, and the deceased Goo Hara debuted… “Congratulations, I love you”

Kang Ji-young celebrated her 13th anniversary of her debut.

Kang Ji-young, a former member of her group Kara, posted several photos along with the words “Congratulations, I love you #20080724 #13thanniversary” on her Instagram on the 24th.

Kang Ji-young was immersed in memory with the photos from the day she debuted in Kara. Kang Ji-young and Goo Hara started to work with Kara, which had debuted in 2007, from ‘Rock U’ era in July 2008.

As they joined the team too late, Kang Ji-young recalled her 13 years ago and naturally thought about Goo Hara. Fans from around the world sent congratulatory messages to Kang Ji-young’s post.

Meanwhile, Kang Ji-young has been active mainly in Japan since her disbandment with Kara in 2016 and has been loved as an all-round entertainer. In 2019, she continued her activities when she signed an exclusive contract with Keyeast Entertainment in Korea. 

Source: Nate

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