“Itaewon Class” cast members achieve new success after a year: Park Seo Joon joins MCU, supporting actors get leading roles

Here’s what the cast members of Itaewon Class, one of the most successful cable network TV series and Netlfix’s K-dramas, are doing after a year. 

After more than a year since the final broadcast, the main cast of Itaewon Class have altogether made important new steps in their acting career. Let’s find out about their current and upcoming projects.

Park Seo Joon

When Itaewon Class became viral, the haircut of Park Seo Joon’s character Park Sae Royi became a trend across Asia. The success of the male lead role and the drama as a whole has helped Park Seo Joon strengthen his position in Korea’s entertainment industry. Getting nominated for Leading Actor in TV at the 2020 Baeksang Arts Awards is an important acknowledgement of his efforts and talent.

Itaewon Class cast members

In 2021, besides filming two major theatrical films in Korea, Dream and Concrete Utopia, Park Seo Joon surprised the public with the news that he will make his debut in Hollywood and join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Itaewon Class cast members

Accordingly, Park Seo Joon will take on a role in The Marvels that is scheduled to be released in 2023. Information about his character is yet to be revealed, but no matter what role it is, this movie will mark a huge turning point in Park Seo Joon‘s acting career. If the upcoming role achieves much success, Park Seo Joon is likely to continue the success of Korean stars in the international market like his seniors such as Youn Yuh Jung, Yunjin Kim or Bae Doo Na.

Kim Da Mi

Itaewon Class is Kim Da Mi‘s incredibly successful small screen debut. Not only did she increase her popularity significantly, but she also won New Actress in TV at the 2020 Baeksang Arts Awards. The female lead character Jo Yi Seo may not be every viewer’s favorite, but it is hard for anyone to deny Kim Da Mi’s good acting performance.

Itaewon Class cast members

After Itaewon Class, Kim Da Mi has been working on 2 new movies along with the drama Our Beloved Summer co-starring with Choi Woo Sik.

Itaewon Class cast members

Our Beloved Summer has released its first 2 episodes and will continue to air every Monday and Tuesday on SBS and Netflix. Although the premiere ratings are lower than expected, Kim Da Mi is still drawing much attention because of her refreshing visuals in the drama. Regarding acting, both Kim Da Mi and the male lead Choi Woo Sik do not disappoint, so hopefully Our Beloved Summer will achieve better results in the upcoming episodes.

Kwon Nara

Despite not being the female lead, Oh Soo Ah played by Kwon Nara in Itaewon Class attracts a large number of fans. Kwon Nara‘s beauty and elegance are what the viewers find the most charming. 

Itaewon Class cast members

Kwon Nara is one of the most outstanding idol-turned actresses today. After Itaewon Class, she continued to impress with a humorous role in KBS2’s historical comedy, detective drama Royal Secret Agent. This series earned the highest rating of 14% and became the 3rd consecutive drama starring Kwon Nara to achieve this.

Itaewon Class cast members

On December 18, Kwon Nara will return in tvN’s historical fantasy series Bulgasal: Immortality. In the upcoming drama, her image is somewhat old and sloppy, not as stunning as in Itaewon Class. However, that makes Kwon Nara receive more praise for being willing to transform her image to fit the role. Bulgasal: Immortality is tvN’s expensive project that is getting high expectations. 

Itaewon Class cast members

Ahn Bo Hyun

The more Ahn Bo Hyun is hated in Itaewon Class, the more he is loved by the public in 2021 thanks two his roles in My Name and Yumi’s Cells. In My Name, he plays a handsome policeman, meanwhile, in Yumi’s Cells, he plays a game programmer with a weird style. However, neither of Ahn Bo Hyun‘s characters received a happy ending.

Itaewon Class cast members

From Itaewon Class to My Name, it can be seen that Ahn Bo Hyun is gradually building his name in the Korean film industry.  In addition to his charming and attractive appearance, he also possesses flexible acting abilities, being able to play many different kinds of roles with many different images.  Maybe inferior to Kwon Nara in terms of achievements, but Ahn Bo Hyun‘s acting ability is better.

Itaewon Class cast members

It’s rare for a drama to have a cast that is equally successful after it ends. So netizens are happy for Itaewon’s cast as they become more and more famous. With what Park Seo Joon, Kim Da Mi, Kwon Nara, and Ahn Bo Hyun have shown, from their acting ability to their efforts, they absolutely deserve the success they have achieved today.


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