‘It was neither Park Jin-young nor Jang Beom-june’ who had the highest earned royalties for 3 years in a row

In 2020, composer Pdogg ranked first in domestic royalty income. Pdogg has composed BTS‘ ‘Fake Love’ and ‘Boy With Luv’. In particular, ‘Boy With Luv’ was selected as ‘Song of the Year’ for copyright as it was the most streamed song on music sites in 2020, even though it was made in 2019.

Pdogg won the Copyright Grand Prize as both the composer and lyricist with the highest earnings from royalties for three consecutive years 2019, 2020, and 2021 in the Royalties Awards held by Korea Music Copyright Association every February.

Pdogg’s copyright income was not specifically disclosed. The Korea Music Copyright Association doesn’t disclose the copyright fees of the winners to protect personal information. People anticipated that he would receive billions of won in royalties every year, as Podogok ranked first in royalties for three years in a row and BTS’ songs are loved all over the world.

Composer Jo Young-soo is the composer who received the highest amount of royalties for five consecutive years from 2007 to 2011. In an interview, Jo Young-soo revealed that he once received hundreds of millions of won a month in royalties. Even after the passage of time, he said that the amount of royalties could help him to sustain two or three sports cars.

How much does Park Jin-young earn from royalties?

Before Pdogg, the composer who earned the most royalty income was Park Jin-young. Park Jinyoung was the composer with the highest income from music copyrights in 2011, 2012, and 2013. According to a media analysis, Park Jin-young received about 2 billion won in royalties based on the amount paid to the top 10 musicians.

Many people thought that “Tell Me” was Park Jin-young’s No. 1 song in royalties, but in fact, the song for which Park Jin-young received the most royalties is the KBS logo song. This logo song, which was used on the KBS channel from 2003 to 2009, was only 10 seconds long and ended with ‘KBS, KBS, KBS, Korean Broadcasting’. It was heard that a request for a logo song had been made in hurry due to a sudden request for a logo song and it became No.1 contributor to royalties.

Kim Eana, the most famous lyricist.

Among lyricists, Kim Eana is famous for receiving a lot of royalties. Kim Eana, who said her first royalties were 60,000 won, has now become a lyricist who receives hundreds of millions of won in royalties. When she appeared on a program, she said at the high time she earned about 700 million won in royalties.

Kim has worked on lyrics such as IU’s ‘Good Day’, ‘The Red Shoes’, Park Hyo Shin’s ‘Breathe’. Among them, ‘Good Day’ was the one that earned the most royalties for her. ‘Good Day’ is a song that continues to be loved by fans even after a lot of time has passed since the song was released. Recently, she has become a hot topic by writing lyrics for ‘Redevelopment of Love’, which was revealed through “How do you play”?

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