It turns out that not only Monika but a lot of “Street Woman Fighter” dancers are professors

After appearing on Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’, the dancers have gained a lot of attention. In particular, the appearance of famous dancers, such as PROWDMON Monika and Lip J, who are called “true dancers of the dancers”, has attracted the attention of viewers.

When Monika appeared at “Street Woman Fighter”, she greeted, “Hi, kids”. It is known that she is a professor in real life. Among the dancers, many of them are her students.

street woman fighter

However, other than Monika, there are also some dancers who are former and current professors appearing on “Street Woman Fighter”.

First, that’s Honey J from HOLYBANG dance crew. She’s a professor of practical dance at KAC (Korea Art Conservatory) and the Educational Center of Kyung Hee University. Being a choreographer and professor at the same time, she must be really busy, right?

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Next is Professor Rihey from CocaNButter. She once confessed that she used to be a close friend to Honey J in the past, and both of them are professors. Rihey is a professor of practical dance at the Korea International College of Arts and the Educational Institute of Hanyang University. She mainly holds hip-hop dance lessons at Hanyang University.

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HOOK Aiki surprised netizens with her visuals that looked much younger than her age. She used to be a professor of practical dance at Dongguk University’s Educational Institute.

street woman fighter

Lastly, the youngest dancers in “Street Woman Fighter” also work as professors. YGX Yeo Jin taught at the Educational Insitute of Dongguk University and Hanyang University. Especially at Hanyang University, he was a professor of broadcasting choreography.

street woman fighter

LACHICA Shimizu and Peanut are also professors and instructors at Seoul Art College and Seoul Hoseo Art Occupational Training College.

In response to these facts, a netizen commented, “Mnet really brought all the professors here for the battle”.

Source: Dispatch

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