It seems that SBS has known about G-Dragon and Jennie’s dating a long time ago

Netizens said that Dispatch had planned to reveal the relationship of G-Dragon and Jennie on January 1 this year.

This morning (February 24), Kpop fans are shocked by the news that G-Dragon (BIGBANG) and Jennie (BLACKPINK) are dating.  Dispatch revealed that the couple has been dating for 1 year, everyone in YG Entertainment knows and even Jennie’s mother supports this relationship.

However, netizens wondered why Dispatch revealed this information today.  Some people thought that Dispatch had intended to report it on January 1 but canceled it for some reason.

SBS has known about G-Dragon and Jennie's dating

Before that, on December 31, 2020, people were excited when SBS News reported that Dispatch would reveal about 2 couples instead of 1 as usual.  Accordingly, the first one is a famous idol couple, senior-junior from the same company, the second one are 2 A-list actors of the Korean screen.  Netizens had made a series of speculations about the identities of these two couples.

SBS has known about G-Dragon and Jennie's dating

On the first morning of the new year, Dispatch reported that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were in a relationship.  The couple’s agencies also quickly confirmed the above information.  However, until the end of the day, the famous idol couple who are seniors – juniors from the same company have not been revealed, making netizens regret. At that time, Jennie was also one of the questionable names, but people rumored that she dated … Mino (WINNER), not G-Dragon. Netizens said that SBS News also knew about G-Dragon and Jennie’s relationship before, but they kept it a secret

SBS has known about G-Dragon and Jennie's dating
SBS has known about G-Dragon and Jennie's dating

G-Dragon – Jennie are all top idols, are close senior-junior in YG Entertainment, completely coinciding with the “hint” of the New Year couple.  Another coincidental information that makes people constantly discuss is that today is the 25th anniversary of YG Entertainment.

Does it seem that Dispatch did not reveal the dating news of G-Dragon and Jennie on the first day of the year and revealed it today to celebrate YG’s anniversary?  Currently, this couple is still the hottest topic on social networks and is the focus of media across Asia.

SBS has known about G-Dragon and Jennie's dating

Sources: kenh14

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