Is this a picture Of EXO’s Sehun Or Wanna One’s Hwang Minhyun?

Don’t be overconfident that you will recognize your idol right away. This photo is making Sehun and Minhyun’s fans extremely confused.

Recently, there is a picture of making many Kpop fans confused, like the photo of blue and yellow skirt. This time, it is the picture that makes Sehun and Hwang Minhyun fan confused:

Do you know if this is Oh Sehun – EXO’s maknae or Hwang Minhyun?

They don’t look like each other but when we look at them from the sides they look like twin, especially when they wear baseball cap or sunglasses

Is this Sehun?

Is this Sehun?

Or Hwang Minhyun?

Another picture to guess:

Here is the result!! Look at the guy behind him to know if this is Sehun or Hwang Minhyun. This is Minhyun because the person who was caught in the photo him is a member of NU’EST. Hwang Minhyun was a member of the group before joining WANNA ONE.

It is Hwang Minhyun !!

Sehun’s fans would have been very sad if they had mistaken their idol

This is EXO’s Sehun.

Sources: k14

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