Is Jihyo the 2nd TWICE Member to Make a Solo Debut?

JYP has released a solo teaser image with the file name “TW-JH-M1”. Is it for Jihyo?

On June 5th, JYP Entertainment posted a teaser image on their official SNS. The caption reads ‘#YoureKillinMeGood August 2023’.


The photo gives off a vibe reminiscent of a thriller movie poster. The hand of a woman gripping the steering wheel, along with manicured nails. The text “Killin Me Good” also caught the attention.

Fans suspect this is a solo teaser. Taking the initials from the file name “TW-JH-M1” as a hint, they believe this is Jihyo. If it’s true, Jihyo will become the second TWICE member to have a solo debut following Nayeon.


Fans are excited as this is going to be a chance for TWICE’s  main vocal to showcase her skills. Jihyo is recognized as an all-rounded member who excels in both dancing and singing.

Meanwhile, TWICE will continue their 5th world tour, ‘Ready to Be,’ in Los Angeles, the United States, on June 10th.

Source: Dispatch. 

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