Is it true that TWICE will collaborate with Marvel in the upcoming comeback?

Fans are extremely excited by the information that TWICE might collaborate with Marvel during the upcoming April comeback.

Recently, netizens, especially TWICE fans ONCE, had a chance to get excited about the news that JYP‘s girl group will collaborate with Marvel in their upcoming comeback in April. Specifically, the information is about TWICE comeback at the same time with the blockbuster movie “Avenger: End Game” which will be released at the end of next April. And in TWICE’s new MV, the girls will transform into superheroes in Marvel.

Notice, the teaser that TWICE released in the past is enough to confirm the new product of JYP girl group related to Marvel. In the first teaser, with the keyword “Finally“, the star-sitting icon makes the viewer immediately think of the Captain America shield.

The first teaser of TWICE seems to want viewers to relate to …
… the shield of Captain America?

With the second teaser with the keyword “Fever”, it is easy to see that this is a familiar hand gesture of Spider-Man. The fans became more and more sure with the latest teaser, called “Fabulous”, the glove that made fans think immediately of Thanos.

The second teaser seems to be the familiar hand movement of …
… Spider-Man?
The last teaser with the keyword “Fabulous”, fans look at it and immediately think of …
.. Thanos’ snap

Previously, in February, TWICE also participated in promoting “Captain Marvel” in a ScreenX video. The conspiracy theory that is spreading on social media is really reasonable, making the fans look forward to the TWICE comeback stage in the near future.

Will the upcoming TWICE comeback really involve Marvel?

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