Is it true that Hyuna and Dawn had secretly gotten married, and even revealed their honeymoon photos?

According to many fans, it seems that Dawn and Hyuna have officially become husband and wife.

In February, Hyuna and her boyfriend Dawn suddenly announced their engagement on social media. After 6 years of dating and countless controversies, now the couple has a beautiful ending, is about to get married and be together for life. However, the management company later did not confirm this information, thereby raising the suspicion that the couple would not get married.

But today (April 8), Hyuna and Dawn suddenly made netizens stir up because they revealed evidence of their secret marriage and honeymoon together. In the latest photo on Instagram, the “sexy queen” and her boyfriend happily took pictures after returning from swimming. According to netizens, Hyuna and Dawn are like a newlywed couple enjoying their honeymoon. Since then, rumors of the two stars secretly getting married have spread all over social networking sites.

hyun a dawn
This image has raised the suspicion that Hyuna and Dawn had officially tied the knot
hyun a dawn
… after 2 months of announcing the engagement

However, this is just the speculation of netizens. There is absolutely no real proof that the couple is married. Neither Hyuna nor Dawn has spoken about this rumor.

Hyuna was born in 1992, and her boyfriend Dawn is 2 years younger than her. The couple started dating in 2016. In 2018, Hyuna and Dawn were kicked out of CUBE because they spoke up to confirm their relationship. The couple then joined P Nation and recently released a joint music product.

hyun a dawn
The couple announced their engagement last February, but have not confirmed the wedding date yet
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