Singer Jang Ha-on denies rumors of engaging in prostitution for 30 million won

Singer Jang Ha-on Jang denied all rumors about offering to have s*x with fans.

"Is it true that 30 million won?"... Jang Ha-on dismissed all rumors of prostitution

Recently, through a bulletin board on a community site, a male netizen said, “I received an offer from the agency of a singer and Internet broadcast host, who appeared on a famous program, that ‘I can spend 30 million won to have a night with this singer for one night’. In the end, I declined it. I received threats and conciliation in turn.”

According to the netizen in question, while sponsoring as a fan of singer A in April, he contacted A first and met privately with A and the CEO of her agency B. In the process, B suggested him investing in the company, and when he refused, B offered him a night with A and sent a picture of his bankbook by text message.

Earlier, on the 22nd, a similar report was published. One man claimed that he was not ranked in the “Miss Trot” list, but was offered a night with A, who is also working as an African broadcasting BJ along with broadcasting activities.

The man also had dinner with A and her agency CEO B twice in April and May, and B said, “If you deposit 30 million won into A’s bank account, you will naturally fall in and have a good time with her.”

Upon hearing this, some netizens guessed it was Jang Ha-on, who appeared on a famous program and was working as a BJ in Africa.

Later, when a fan asked Jang Ha-on’s Instagram, “Is the 30-million-won rumor true?” Jang Ha-on replied, “It’s a lie.”

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