“Is it too hard on you?”, even Song Euni is worried about AOA Jimin’s health

Fans are worried about the recent travel photos posted by AOA member Jimin.


Amid concerns among netizens due to her being unusually thin, broadcaster Song Euni also left a comment expressing concern.

Jimin posted two photos on Instagram on May 20th that appeared to have been taken in London, England. She was wearing a comfortable outfit, with leggings and a long T-shirt. Jimin, carrying a small bag like any other traveler, took photos as if to leave a memory while wandering around, and posted them on social media to shared with several people.

The photo which was uploaded to share memories was followed by a series of comments containing health concerns from her followers. Fans at home and abroad responded by saying, “You looks too skinny” and “Please eat more and be healthy.”


At her agency FNC Entertainment, Song Euni, a gagwoman who can eat a whole pot of rice, left a comment, “Is it too hard on you?”. Jimin replied with a sweaty smiley-looking emoticon, which seems to describe her confusing state.

Source: nate

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