Will BTS’ record of the highest selling album continue?

BTS, who is currently resting after finishing their third album, will release a new album in August.

About 2 to 3 new songs will be added into special albums. It is known that their new song is currently being worked on and is now in its final steps; however, this is not new as BTS’ fans know of their consistent and daily hard working ethic.

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Excitingly, BTS plans to shoot a music video soon and release it to their supportive and patient fans.

Unfortunately, you can’t watch the new song stage, because it is expected that the new song will be released in August at the world tour stage where it will be performed before they participate in music shows. Korean fans will be able to hear their new songs at the long-awaited BTS World Tour “Love Yourself,” which will be held at Jamsil Stadium from August 25 to 26.

BTS’s new album will be an extended part of the third album, but they plan to separate them. Unlike other idol singers, BTS does not count the total sales of their regular album and special album; they introduce them as independent albums.

Up to June 23rd, a total of 1,748,823 copies of their third album, Love Yourself, have been sold. This is to be the highest record in the first half of this year.

As each album is set to break new records, so is the attention that is being paid to what kind of records the band will hold this time.

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