Is it charismatic Chairman Jin? … Lee Sung Min’s “shy” moment captured during the filming of “Reborn Rich”

JTBC’s “Reborn Rich” is gaining huge popularity.

The drama is creating the best synergy with its solid story development and the cast’s acting skills.

song joong ki

In particular, actor Lee Sung Min, who plays the role of Soonyang Group’s chairman Jin Yang Chul, is constantly receiving rave reviews.

Lee Sung Min perfectly digested the role of Jin Yang Chul, the charismatic chairman of a conglomerate, and was loved by many viewers.

lee sung min reborn rich

However, with the death of Jin Yang Chul in the drama, Lee Sung Min has not appeared in “Reborn Rich” since episode 13 broadcast on Dec 17th.

While many people regret Lee Sung Min’s departure, the making video of “Reborn Rich” released on the YouTube channel “JTBC Drama” on Dec 23rd contained Lee Sung Min’s last filming site.

lee sung min reborn rich

Song Joong Ki, who plays Jin Yang Chul’s grandson Jin Do Jun, stuck to Lee Sung Min’s side and stroked his arm.

After Lee Sung Min’s last shoot, the director shouted, “Cut, okay. Our chairman Jin Yang Chul’s last shoot is over.

lee sung min reborn rich

Afterwards, the director gave Lee Sung Min a bouquet of flowers prepared in advance and hugged him tightly.

Lee Sung Min showed a shy charm that had never been seen in “Reborn Rich”.

lee sung min reborn rich

Lee Sung Min blew out the candles on the cake and could not hide his happy smile.

He finished filming the drama pleasantly with cheers and applause from the staff.

Source: Insight

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