Is Golden Disc Awards’ voting fair when some fandoms might have used unlimited IDs (ft. EXO and BTS)?

Controversy is mounting as the 2019 Golden Disc Popularity Award, which requires 100% voting, make fans raise questions about the unfairness of the vote.

fans raise questions about the unfairness of the vote.

While the voting for the Golden Disc Awards, which will be held on the 5th and the 6th, took place until 31st December, some of the idols’ fans who participated in the vote argued, “There were cases where some fandoms encouraged the vote by sharing a way to create an infinite number of IDs, or that some phone numbers had been stolen.”

The Golden Disk Award was held in a way that allows fans to vote only through certain applications created by a telecommunication company.

Although it was not a pay-off method unlike some other popular award ceremonies’, the Golden Disc Popularity Award‘s voting was limited to one ID per number, three voting rights per day per ID, and three additional voting rights were granted only when certain advertisements provided by the application were watched.

Controversy over the unfairness issue took place a few days before the voting deadline for the Golden Disc Popularity Award. EXO, which had been the runner-up in the popular vote up to a few days before the deadline, quickly reversed the voting difference with the first-ranked BTS, which was nearly 100,000 votes. It was not easy to vote more than 100,000 votes for the Popularity Award, which allowed up to six voting rights per ID, in just a few hours, as tens of thousands of news IDs would be required.

fans raise questions about the unfairness of the vote.

In the process, some claim that the fandom of some idol groups used illegal methods to create an unlimited number of IDs. Some hundreds of thousands of followers have been encouraged to participate in cheating for Golden Disc voting on SNS sites, and even photos have begun to be posted to support them.

Source: SBS FunE

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