Is fandom’s strong development good or bad?

ARMY and BTS are once again mentioned in the discussion.

Every artist needs someone to enjoy and appreciate the products they make. They may be fans of the artist, or just simply an audience, who is always willing to admire the art. Typically, in Kpop, idols or artists always have their own fandoms with different names. Fandom is the biggest support to their idols, they always protect idols unconditionally and are a great motivation to hard-working idols.

The story mentioned here is the famous boy group, BTS and his fandom, ARMY. Many commented that the strength of ARMY is too big that they can help to make BTS more famous. Despite the name BTS is not unfamiliar to the public, but to achieve such remarkable results, BTS must rely on the power of ARMY pretty much. Even if BTS breaks into the US market or the majority of the public, having a fandom behind will also make a huge difference.

On the contrary, when reading these comments, ARMYs said that the writer is jealous of BTS’ success

“Who do they think they are to say such things? If Beyonce does not have her fandom, who is she now? “

“Some people want to bring BTS down here.”

Undeniably, the accomplishments achieved by the artists stem from their talent and endless effort. But on the other hand, if only talent is not enough, then they need a fandom support from those who want to hear and understand their music.

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