Is BTS’s ‘IDOL’ really breaking the record as the “Most viewed MV” in 24 hours on YouTube?

At the moment, the answer is still “not really”

On August 25th at 6 PM KST, the ARMYs in particular and the KPOP fans in general joyfully congratulated BTS on having “IDOL” break the record as the most viewed video in the first 24 hours on YouTube.

In particular, “IDOL” has reached 56.5 million views, more than that of Taylor Swift‘s “Look What You Made Me Do” – which has been holding the world record, about 13 million views (Taylor Swift‘s MV has 43.2 million views on the first day).

Based on YouTube’s statistics, BTS’s fans have the right to be proud of the accomplishments that “IDOL” has achieved.

However, at this time, a confirmation from a YouTube representative is still needed.

KPOP fans have not forgotten YouTube’s questionable view counting method for “Fake Love” 3 months ago, which led to a series of confusion over BTS breaking Taylor Swift and PSY‘s record. Also, it should be noted that it took 20 days since the day that BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” was released for a YouTube representative to confirm that the MV had surpassed PSY and BTS to be the second most viewed video in 24 hours (36.2 million views – right behind Taylor Swift‘s MV).

Because YouTube is a “playground” of international standards, they must have their own “rules” in their games.

Please wait for the official announcement from YouTube about BTS‘s latest masterpiece.

Source: Tinnhac

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