Is a collaboration of Ed Sheeran and BTS coming up?

The famous US-UK star Ed Sheeran hinted that a collaboration with BTS might happen soon.

Back when Ed Sheeran praised BTS‘s “LoveYourself” album on his Instagram story in August as “Cool Album”, two fandoms went crazy and buzzed with excitement. Now, ARMY and Ed’s fans can actually look forward to a possible collaboration in the future thanks to a recent hint from Ed Sheeran himself.

A possible collaboration of BTS and Ed Sheeran

In the recent interview with Heat World, Ed Sheeran had a segment in which he responded to tweets and questions about him on the internet. He was answering all kinds of questions from fans all over the world. Notably, one of the questions was: “I want BTS x Ed Sheeran but when will they ever.” 

Ed showed his enthusiasm clearly and answered that: “I actually wrote a song that I think they might be messing with. I heard this the other day. I don’t know. I really like BTS though, I actually think they’re great.” The feedback on the post was filled fandom went and support from fans of both artists:

“Can’t wait! BTSxED Sheeran = Perfection.”

“This is epic! Not only Charlie Puth but now BTS is collaborating with Ed Sheeran as well!”

“As the fan of both, I’m really looking forward to this product”

“Imagine this?? I can’t contain my excitement!”

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