Irene’s moving eating cake has made fans go crazy due to her cuteness

If there is an idol contest with the most feverish moments, Irene will definitely be a good candidate.

Over four years, Red Velvet has risen to become one of the top female groups and represents the K-pop music wave. Not only does the name Red Velvet have the value, but each member has also created a certain impact on the public, which few girl groups can do.

The popularity gap among members is not too clear, but to some extent, Irene may be the most noticed one in Red Velvet. Although she debuted quite late and her age is also much older than other current idols (1991), Irene is still successful in building her image to the public. It is admitted that just one action, a picture or news related to the name of Irene is enough to be a hot topic on many Korean forums. Especially, Irene is the female idol who creates the most feverish moments these days.

Irene‘s feverish moments are not just on stage, when she makes the audience immersed in her glamorous beauty, but in real life, Irene also creates so many cute moments that can drive fans crazy. In particular, her images taken at the airport recently is a good example.

Source: kclive

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