Invisible sorrows are following Kpop fandoms: EXO-L, Wannable, Shawol

2017 will come to an end in only 1 week. Have you ever wondered, what have we done and lost in this year?

To Kpop fandoms, 2017 has marked a lot of important events, including international expansion of Hallyu and breakthroughs of the new idol generation. However, at the same time, 2017 also brought so much loss, sadness and disunion to Kpop fans.


They are in the same situation with Ang Ang, “they may be happy and joyful now, but always concerned because their idol’s disbandment date is already planned”.
Right now, Wannable still has one more year to be with their Wanna One. However, this one year is also a time for them to get used to points of time in date countdown such as “on this day next year, Wanna One won’t exist anymore”, and last events such as “the last album, the last fan meeting, the last fansign, the last time they’ve show up all together…”.

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Though it hurts, it is unavoidable! That was what Ang Ang used to suffer, and it seems that both of these fandoms have never stopped dreaming of a future when their idols can be on the same road forever.


EXO-L always express themselves as a strong fandom who always do their best to support EXO’s success. But don’t ever think that they’ve never been in heartbreaking situations which can make them weak.
If you have been following these boys for a long time, you can see that none of them has to pause their activities for military enlistment though this year is already their 5th anniversary. Do you know what it means? It means that, within the next 1 or 2 years, EXO’s hyung lines such as Xiumin, Suho, Chen, Chanyeol, Baekhyun… have to be inactive to enlist in the military. Unfortunately, all 9 mebers’ years of birth are within 5 years: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994. Therefore, if they don’t mean to enlist in the military at the same time, it will take them a lot of time to have a comeback with all members.

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Besides that, EXO-L also have to face arguments related to the existence of Lay. Even though he himself and other group members have showed their close relationship for many times, but the topic “EXO OT8” or “EXO OT9” still makes EXO-L angry and hurt. No fandom wants others to talk about their idol’s group member completeness. Diving, leaving or disbanding are taboo topics. EXO-L feel the same way!
Finally, there is another concern which newly happens. During EXO’s promotions, music events or huge music awards, it’s easy to see both non-fans and anti-fans disparage them by saying that they are already effete, their music is not unique anymore and that they are no longer attractive enough to be the leader of Kpop. Compared to arguing with these controversial ideas, EXO-L are more worried that EXO members may read them and feel sad.
More than anyone, EXO-L know that all 9 members of EXO are sensitive boys who may smile at their fans, but are not good at hiding sorrows in their eyes. Therefore, EXO-L voluntarily hold their hands, become their companions, support and encourage them every day.


18 Dec 17 was definitely a heartbreaking and painful day to Kpop fans. Everyone deeply regrets for Jonghyun’s sudden death no matter they are fans of SHINee or have followed this talented idol’s career or not.

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In that moment when SM’s official statement ruined all hopes for a magical in real life, the entire Kpop fandoms were united as one and together became shoulders for Shawol to cry on. Hashtag #StayStrongShawols was spread widely on all social networks in an extremely miserable yet warm atmosphere. On Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, a number of touching encouragements were continuously posted. “Are you ok, Shawols? Please say something so that we know you are still ok!”, “Shawols, just cry for this whole night so that tomorrow will take him away with a smile on his face”, “We will lend you our shoulders, so don’t cry alone, ok?”… After reading all of these, who would say that Kpop fandoms are always full of hatred?

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Besides warm cares from other fandoms to Shawols, Kpop fans also shared a photo of a rose and a hashtag #RoseForJonghyun to express their regret. Following Jonghyun’s wish: “If you want to show your regret, please use white photos instead of black because he has been living in the dark for so long”, the whole Kpop fans together turn their social networks into white, as a bright message which would lead Jonghyun to a better place.

Sm, shinee, jonghyun, 2017

This pain will surely obsess Shawols for a much longer time! However, after 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, or more, whenever they think about 18 Dec 17, besides the pain they had to suffer, Shawols will always remember how much they were cared, supported and protected by all Kpop fandoms on that day.

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