International fans sarcasm on SM’s current state

Humorous satire from international netizens about SM’s current situation goes viral on social networks.

The article ‘The current situation of SM’ was recently posted on many international forums, most notably Today’s Humor. The post included two photos, one of a family playing in the water and another depicting a human skeleton sinking on the ocean floor.

The author wittyly shows the current state of SM, Aespa, Red Velvet, and Girls’ Generation through those two photos.In the first picture, a mother representing SM is holding hands and playing with the lovely youngest daughter representing Aespa. It seems that SM is cuddling and pampering, devoted all efforts to support the upcoming girl group Aespa. Just looking here, SM seems very peaceful.

The photo’s focus is the girl representing Red Velvet, who looks like struggling underwater. This is probably also the situation of Red Velvet when Irene has caught up with scandal. Red Velvet is in a crisis, but SM is only focusing on Aespa.

Girls’ Generation is like a skeleton submerged in water. SM has been ignoring SNSD for so long. The girls have not had activities since the last album was released in 2017.

The two pictures humorously showing the current SM situation are also becoming popular with Korean netizens, and they also strongly agree. “My heart is broken when I see Girls ‘Generation”, “Girls’ Generation is out of date”, “It’s too perfect to represent Aespa as the baby” … they commented.

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