Inner Circles are angry after ADIDAS took off all of WINNER photos on SNS + netizens’ suprising reaction

Many are saying that WINNER’s fans are being delusional for believing that they can pressure such a big brand like ADIDAS.

With YG Entertainment getting caught in many serious scandals in such a short time, its artists seem to be negatively affected. Brands which are signed with YG are showing signs that they want to avoid the problematic agency because it might affect their business.

Recently, some has realized that the sport brand ADIDAS has removed all photos of WINNER on its Instagram account. This infuriated many WINNER fans which led to them bombarding the account with hate comments and calling for a boycott.

WINNER first signed their advertisement contract with ADIDAS in 2014, and has been working together with this brand since then. Fans are angry that ADIDAS seems like it is trying to cut the deal with their idols, when WINNER has always tried their best to advertise for this brand.

At first, fans thought that ADIDAS was trying to stay away from YG Entertainment’s mess. However, Inner Circles then realized that ADIDAS only deleted WINNER’s photos while BLACKPINK – another artist from the same agency – is still on ADIDAS’s Instagram. This infuriates Inner Circles even more. They bombard the comment section on many post (WINNER unrelated post included) to demand an explanation from this brand to why they only removed WINNER’s photos.

Many have guessed that ADIDAS has done this because member Lee Seung Hoon is suspected of involving in B.I’s drug scandal. ‘Till this time, ADIDAS still haven’t released any official statement to explain the situation.

After the story was shared on many public community in South Korea, the netizens are criticizing and mocking the Inncer Circle community. To them, ADIDAS is doing the right thing while WINNER fans are being rude and delusional thinking that they can pressure such a huge brand.

Amid everything, other WINNER fans are asking for their fandom to keep calm and avoid bigger trouble for their idols. They believe that ADIDAS’s action is understandable and the image of models can heavily affect any brand.

” “Even if they burn bridges with Adidas, Adidas has nothing to lose LOL, why do WINNER fans think they amount to anything”

“LOL, to be honest, it wasn’t WINNER doing Adidas a favor by being models for them, Adidas was actually doing a favor for WINNER by letting them be models lol.”

“Loyal to Adidas.”

“I thought Son NaEun was the model for Adidas lol”

“?? I didn’t even know WINNER was a model for Adidas.”

“Who do they think they are going up against Adidas LOL this won’t affect Adidas one bit LOL”

“WINNER doesn’t even have that many fans, why are they pretending like there are many fans lol”

What do you think about this situation?

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