“Inkigayo” Explains Why BTS was Not Nominated For 1st Place In Recent Episode

Last weekend, SBS’s “Inkigayo” music show aired the most recent episode with the victory of “Kill This Love” by Black Pink. Second place was BOL4’s “Bom,” and third place went to EXO’s Chen’s “Beautiful goodbye.” Black Pink took their 1st win for “Kill this love”.

Although this victory brought great joy to Black Pink fans, many viewers felt very surprised and confused because BTS was not nominated for first place in this show’s April 21 broadcast. The boygroup was considered to have the highest chance of winning this time. Their latest studio album, “Map of the Soul: Persona” was released on April 12. Soon after, the title track “Boy With Luv” achieved a perfect all-kill on domestic music charts and won first place on other music programs that week including KBS’s “Music Bank” and MBC’s “Music Core”. However, on “Inkigayo”, “Boy With Luv” was not even nominated.

As of April 12 (The time when “Inkigayo closed the results for the April 21 broadcast), “Boy With Luv” achieved a perfect all-kill and in addition, the album “Map of the Soul: Persona” sold more than 1 million copies. Moreover, the MV views on Youtube also reached impressive records. With all these achievements, people believed that BTS would be nominated and have one more trophy for this comeback.

Facing the wave of criticism of fans and crowds, “Inkigayo” had to explain the ranking results of their recent episode: “Last week’s rankings came out the way they did because there was a difference between the data-gathering period and the period of BTS’s promotions. I believe the rankings came out as they did because there are many different criteria for the rankings”. On calculating the rankings, the source added, “Other places also do not reveal their detailed criteria for calculating, not only ‘Inkigayo.’”

Although “Inkigayo” had explained but their answers failed to satisfy the netizens. Many people even claimed that “Inkigayo” intentionally removed BTS from the nomination list to protect Black Pink’s victory because YG is a rumored SBS’s “ally”: “But the result used the exact data from April 8 to 15 which was still enough for BTS to win? Inkigayo had better recalculate the scores and rankings properly then give us a transparent announcement “,” If you had calculated it in a transparent and fair way, everyone would have agreed that BTS deserves to win the 1st place. I don’t want to include another group here but obviously “Inkigayo” took advantage of BTS to get high ratings, but then quickly threw them away to protect YG’s trophy for Black Pink ”, “How could a major station’s music cheat like that” , “So funny”, “This is Inkigayo , this is SBS”, “It’s obvious that they took advantage of BTS to attract ratings “,”SBS and Inkigayo!!! Quickly apologize and recalculate to give us a fair result!”

What do you think about this situation?

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