Incredible weight loss journey of Produce X 101’s center Son Dong Pyo

Son Dong Pyo has tried hard to work out to have a better body than the chubby one before.

“Produce X 101” has entered a stressful period when the trainees have begun to show their ambition to win and compete fiercely with each other. In the first episodes, Son Dong Pyo was one of the most outstanding faces because he was assigned to the center position in the title song “_Jima”. This is a promising male trainee from DSP Media. But now he is still causing controversies over his looks and expressions on stage.

However, the truth is that to be able to participate in “Produce X 101”, Son Dong Pyo underwent a complete change of his appearance. Before deciding to follow this path, he had an unremarkable appearance with a chubby body and simple fashion style.

Netizens have found many old photos showing that Son Dong Pyo has tried hard to have a slim and toned body. Currently, according to his profile, he weighs 48kg. Many sources said that the 18-year-old boy has lost… 20kg to match the requirements of the entertainment industry. Not only that, Son Dong Pyo also has an improvement in his fashion style and hairstyle to become more attractive than before.

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