In the same style as Jennie, Arin (Oh My Girl) is accused of wearing a fake item

Oh My Girl Arin’s pink bow crop top looks like the item which was once promoted by Jennie (BLACKPINK).

It’s not surprising that K-pop singers wear the same outfits because a popular item will appeal to a large number of celebrities. The fact that idols wear fake items, on the other hand, makes it tough for netizens to tolerate. When Arin – Oh My Girl was on stage lately, she did this while attempting to dress in the style of Jennie (BLACKPINK).


Arin’s thin figure and simple dress style made fans flutter when she appeared on the Dun Dun Dance stage. The stylist dressed her in a light pink bow crop top, which added to her charming and pure image.


Soon after, netizens saw that Arin was wearing a crop top that looked similar to the one promoted by Jennie. The main rapper of BLACKPINK previously wowed the crowd at a concert by flaunting her very gorgeous bust and “billion-dollar” shoulders. Fans soon shared her picture, causing a commotion on social media.


Arin does not receive criticism for wearing the same outfit as Jennie because she retains her unique beauty. Netizens, on the other hand, found that Arin was wearing a fake item. Chanel created Jennie’s bow crop top, which was then copied by a slew of other brands.

The color and materials of Arin’s shirt are inferior to the original version, as netizens can see. Even the sewn bow is sloppy. Arin’s use of fake item has sparked a controversy on social media.

Arin was also wearing a scrunchie on her wrist that looked exactly like Jennie, according to netizens. Jennie’s style of wearing scrunchie as bracelets has been popular for a long time, and it once generated a fashion frenzy. Oh My Girl’s member’s performance outfit has two features in common with Jennie’s.


The fact that Arin wears fakes isn’t completely her fault. Stylists are frequently in charge of idols’ clothes. As a result, a large number of netizens have defended Arin while criticizing the company’s stylist. Fake items have always been boycotted, and the fact that a famous idol wears them enrages the audience even more.

When it came to Jennie’s Chanel crop top, netizens initially look down on it for being unattractive, but it quickly became a fashion trend. This small detail alone exemplifies Jennie’s influence in the fashion world.

Controversy about Arin wearing fakes is still going on. Netizens have expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s treatment of Oh My Girl girls.

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