In the same dress, Rosé (Black Pink) looks just as attractive as Kendall Jenner

As a matter of fact, Asian stars are often a bit overshadowed by Western stars when being compared to each other.

But there are always exceptions. Once in a blue moon, a Korean idol was said to be on par with Kendall Jenner. It’s Rosé (Black Pink).

Famous for her long legs, the new generation supermodel Kendall Jenner has a flawless body. She can pull off every kinds of clothes, this time is no exception, a bodycon woolen dress.
The bright grey tone plus the ‘tough’ form of the dress have made it very difficult to pull off. If you do not own a body like Jenner, the dress will probably ‘betray’ you.
We may think that Kendall Jenner’s version of the dress was the best, but turned out, there are also different versions just as attractive. And here is Rosé with another flawless body in the similar dress.
Although not exactly the same, Rosé’s dress shares a lot of similarities with Jenner’s, especially in terms of looks, material and color.
We haven’t even mentioned Rosé’s charismatic vibe.
Being able to be on par with a supermodel like Kendall Jenner, Rosé is no joke at all!
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