In the heart of the storm, MOMOLAND Nancy posted a photo that worried the fans

While MOMOLAND is being thought to be a disuniting group after Yeonwoo and Taeha left, Nancy suddenly posted some pictures that fans have no idea why she did that.

Of course, suddenly posting so many “weird” pictures like this, Nancy made everyone confused.

Recently, many Kpop fans couldn’t help but be startled by the images uploaded by Nancy on her personal page. The youngest member of MOMOLAND was spamming her personal account with a series of photos, which aren’t the ones about her everyday life or the ones which show off her beauty as usual, in fact she posted the pictures with a style that she had never had before.

For some unknown reasons, Nancy had disheveled hair, a sad face, and was sitting on the pavement of the street at night in the photos. The female idol often shares photos that can show of her beauty on her personal page, however for now the strange style of those newly uploaded photos has made fans confused.

Momoland is accused of forcing Taeha, Yeonwoo and Daisy to leave the group, Nancy is under pressure because of the rumors?

Looking back at Nancy’s personal page, those are the pictures that she posted from the end of October. Notably, this is also the time MOMOLAND was rumored to boycott and force Daisy and Taeha to leave the group. It was because a while ago, Daisy’s mother suddenly wrote a post on the the internet, accusing the company of treating her daughter unfairly and MOMOLAND of being two-faced.

Plus recently, the incident of Yeonwoo and Taeha simultaneously leaving MOMOLAND made the Kpop fan community totally surprised. Taeha, Yeonwoo leaving the group as well as the absence of Daisy also have cause a lot of rumors among Korean netizens.

The incident is still not over when MLD has never officially made a remark on this issue. That is also the reason why the rumor about MOMOLAND’s internal disunity was pushed even further. Most importantly, during the time when Taeha and Daisy were absent, a number of members including Nancy posted pictures with only six members. This also sparked rumors that MOMOLAND actually had internal disunity, and that even the members boycotted and wanted to push Taeha, Yeonwoo and Daisy out of the group.

Netizens are worried about Nancy’s condition

Nancy – the most famous member of MOMOLAND is currently the one who has received the most criticisms. Moreover, from the beginning to now, she has always been criticized by netizens for trivial things, from gaining weight to how she acts in front of the camera.

Many people believe that, being criticized and called out on for many times, Nancy could not avoid being stressed out. And the photos with the “unusual” style also somehow showed her unstable state at the moment. Fans have also said that she joined the entertainment industry when she was still quite young and this is also the reason why people should care more about Nancy.

However, there are many other fans who don’t think that way. They said she may have just wanted to experiment a new photography style.

Some comments from the netizens:

“Looking at these pictures, I suddenly feel worried about Nancy.”

“But is it true that MOMOLAND bullied, boycotted and forced Yeonwoo and Taeha to leave? This is not normal at all”

“It can be because of the pressure from the rumor of bullying, MLD please say something”

“You all are making a fuss out of nowhere, she probably just wanted to take pictures like that.”

Although the reason behind these photos is still unknown, anyways with the criticisms that MOMOLAND have been receiving, many fans are extremely worried for Nancy’s situation.

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