In order to see BTS’ concert, American fans had to wait outside the stadium for days

Fans had set up camping tent overnight outside Citi Field, where BTS held their ‘Love Yourself’ concert.

On October 6th, BTS will have a concert at Citi Field Stadium which can accommodate up to 40,000 seats. Tickets for the concert have been sold since mid-August and were sold out. BTS is one of the rare KPOP idols to hold such large scale concerts in the United States. Fans are eagerly waiting to meet the boys.

According to some articles, American ARMYs have camped for days near Citi Field. They set up tents to live temporarily here until the concert.

American media records camp fans waiting for BTS.

Linda Xiong is one of those fans. This girl has been camping since Tuesday, October 2nd. When asked by the reporter, “Why are you camping here before the concert for so many days?”, she said, “We simply love the boys, they make the fans go crazy, and they are also 7 great boys.”

According to CBS New York, fans who are waiting for BTS are mostly young girls. Some fans also camped from last Sunday, almost a week before the concert. Earlier, the media was stunned as thousands of fans queued up to 160 meters ahead of Oracle Arena to wait for BTS’ concert.

BTS’ concert is very attractive to American fans.

It seems that the popularity of BTS is growing strongly in this country, especially after BTS represented the young generation to be at the UN Headquarters with inspirational speeches to young people around the world.

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