In “Knowing Brothers”, Red Velvet talks about their changing the choreography of gun shooting when performing in Pyongyang

Would the world’s peace have changed if Red Velvet had performed the choreography of gun shooting in Pyongyang?

Girl group Red Velvet was asked to change the choreography of gun shooting when performing in Pyongyang.

Red Velvet was said to have appeared in the afternoon of August 4th for the first time in JTBC’s entertainment program called “Knowing Brothers” since their performance in Pyongyang.

When being asked which song they had performed, they said: “We performed “Red Flavor” and “Bad Boy”. There was a chief choreographer and the company said that it would be nice if we fixed it.

We came for peace so we decided to change it to be cute but we forgot, we had shot a small gun,” Seulgi said.

They said: “We were scared because we knew we had made a mistake. Fortunately, the performance went well.

Sources: Naver

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