Imagine a sub-unit between Nayeon and Mina (TWICE): a well-rounded ice-and-fire duo which is worth the anticipation

TWICE hasn’t had any individual or sub-unit schedule ever since their debut. But the duo Nayeon – Mina is stirring up the anticipation among fans about a sub-unit in the future.

Ever since 2015 to now, TWICE has always focused on their group activity and hasn’t had any solo or sub-unit promotion. Fans have been waiting for some individual or sub-unit promotions from the members to fully showcase the girls’ talent and music identity. Among those, the visual duo Mina and Nayeon is the most awaited sub-unit.

Nayeon và Mina.

Nayeon is the main vocal and the face of the group. She always radiates the most positive energy thanks to her bright smile. As the main vocal, her vocal is stable which gives her some of her group’s high note parts. The eldest member of TWICE sure knows how to make herself shine on stage.

As the center of TWICE, Nayeon knows how to accentuate herself on stage.

About Mina, even though she is just the lead vocal, her voice is no less impressive. Not just that, her dancing skill is extremely good with her advantages being ballet. Mina is well-known for her ice-cold but alluring expression.

Mina’s vocal is no less impressive than the main vocals
Mina’s “YES or YES” fancam

Talented enough to form a duo, their warm and cool personalities match each other so well to create countless impressive moments on stage. It’s easy to understand why fans crave for their debut as a sub-unit in the near future.

No matter where they are, on stage…

Or offstage, Mina and Nayeon is an ice – fire duo that matches well with each other.

What do you think about this sub-unit?

Source: Kenh14

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